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Pond Cleaning

Our Cleaning Process:

  1. We remove the water.

  2. We place the fish in a tank (which we provide).

  3. We pressure wash the feature and muck it out.

  4. All debris will be removed and hauled off.

  5. We dress the liner, as needed, with river gravel.

  6.  We refill the pond.

  7. We check the PH balance and adjust as needed.

  8. We dechlorinate the water, add beneficial bacteria, and barley.

  9. Fish will be returned to their home.

Note: Having your pond cleaned or maintained throughout the year can reduce algae, excess water and electric bill. 

*If you have fish, we do not recommend pond cleaning between October and April. 

**We do not provide a warranty on the fish but we take very good care of your pets.

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